Wind Up Bath Toys

October 15, 2012 :: Posted by - Sampath :: Category - Baby Bath Toys

Kids love wind up bath toys. Maybe it’s the magical unaided motion they achieve; maybe it’s the fact that they move in a fun and appealing way. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that for our little ones, wind up toys provide a great deal of entertainment and pleasure.

Here are some of the reasons why bath toys of the wind up variety are so popular.

Colorful Diversions

Most wind up toys – whether they are wind up bath toys or land-based variants – are very colorful indeed. With their flapping arms, nodding heads and wagging tails the toy’s colors are exaggerated and enhanced. This cacophony of color is understandably attractive to the young eye.

Interesting Shapes

Those flapping arms, wagging tails and nodding heads also make for interesting shapes to touch and to watch. Better bath toys are made so that they are very safe to sensitive skin, and of course they get thrown around and put in mouths… this is voyage of discovery for our kids, and bath toys should be made to facilitate this voyage!

Favorite Characters

Quite often wind up bath toys will be made in the image of a popular cartoon character, playful animals and sometimes automotive vehicles of some kind (particularly popular with slightly older children). Wind up bath toys fit well with things that would move in real live, as their mechanical motion can mirror that which is seen around us. This is a great learning experience for the kids, and it enables them to relate this moving thing in the bath to something they have seen today, or will see tomorrow.

The Wind Up…

The long and short of it is that wind up bath toys are a great way to have fun at bath times. They’re cheap, cheerful and tough. What a great choice for your kids.

Bath Games For Babies

October 15, 2012 :: Posted by - Sampath :: Category - Baby Bath Games, Baby Bath Toys

Babies either love or hate bath time. Whatever attitude they take towards it, we’re sure that mom and dad are going to make sure they have one anyway!

Sometimes bath games enhance the fun had by children and their parents in the tub. Other times they can help to engage children and to help them relax more easily. Sometimes they may be the only way to get stubborn kids into the water! Whatever the motive, one thing is sure: they are a great idea in most situations.

Types of Bath Games

The types of bath games for babies is limited only by your imagination. Bath games for babies do not require expensive equipment or toys, and do not require you to learn complex rules! Just have fun! Here are some ideas.

Wind up bath toys

Wind up bath toys are one of the most exciting bath games for babies and children of many ages. Whatever their favorite cartoon or TV character, there is bound to be a wind up bath toy for sale somewhere. This toy alone can keep a baby’s attention for a whole bath session. Combine some role play and silliness from parents and you get a whole array of different games and entertaining situations.

Bath Sharing

As simple as it sounds, sharing a bath with your child (or children!) can be a whole game in itself. Give it a go! Singing, dancing, playing with bubbles, and much more can really be great bonding time for parents and kids.


Swimming doesn’t have to start in a pool. Let your little one thrash around a little and give them some confidence in the water. Studies have shown that this kind of early introduction to self-propelled power in the water can lead to children who are much stronger swimmers in the future!